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Archipelago Exports

UV ‘All Weather Resin Wicker’

Outdoor Furniture

The material is a synthetic polymer resin (plastic) with a UV inhibitor that protects the resin wicker from breaking down in sunlight. The manufacturers of the resin wicker give us a 3-year sunlight guarantee that the material will not break down at this time.
Other benefits are high tensile strength, and environmental friendly, as the product is fully recyclable, chemical resistant (pool chemicals), weatherproof, and is anti-colour fading. The UV resin wicker is woven over anodised aluminium frames.

The UV resin wicker used is superior to the non-UV and brittle Chinese Plastic wicker furniture.

All-weather UV wicker fibre
It is made for outdoor use. The UV inhibitor is baked into the wicker fibre during the manufacturing process. This allows us to provide a Warranty for the UV wicker fibre for three years, free from peeling, cracking or fading.

Cleaning – remove cushions and clean with mild detergent and water.

Archipelago Exports

Manufacturers of quality outdoor and alfresco furniture

Since 2000

Archipelago Exports, a business established in 2000, is committed to providing quality handwoven furniture using various materials. The company has experience in manufacturing solid wood teak furniture and specializes in the manufacture of all types of wicker outdoor furniture.

Quality outdoor and alfresco teak furniture range offers an extensive range of products that includes dining tables, chairs, lounge sofa, coffee table, sun lounge, daybed & tray and more.

The company’s commitment is to provide products that are durable and long-lasting at an affordable price. Archipelago Exports also strives for affirmation from its customers through high standards of customer service. Archipelago Exports currently exports around the globe including, Australia, Central America, Dubai, Egypt, EU states, India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South America and USA.

Every year, we exhibit our latest collection at International Furniture Fair Show in Singapore and Indonesia.